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How it began

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My parents started a flower business in Miami in the 1970s, and over the past 40 years they have built it into a very successful operation. This has not been without their fair share of struggles, though. One constant they have encountered throughout the years is trouble finding great legal advice at a fair price.

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I’ve seen my parents work through the same issues that many small businesses encounter: How do I find a lawyer? How do I know if the lawyer is any good? How do I know how much a project will cost? Having no good answers to these questions causes many companies to get bad advice, spend too much, or sometimes try to do it themselves without any guidance.

It was with this experience in mind that I entered the practice of law at a large law firm and saw the other side of legal practice. I found that my incentives did not always align with the client’s. Lawyers at large law firms are pushed to bill as much as they can, not to work efficiently and provide the best value for the client. I also learned that technology was rarely used to improve the quality of service provided, but instead we used expensive, complicated enterprise software to keep track of how much to charge a client.

All of this got me thinking... there must be a better way.

We know that standards of practice in the business world change at the speed of innovation, and transparency has improved exponentially in recent years. In contrast, standards of practice in the legal world change at the speed of grass growing in winter and transparency is a scary word. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s why I founded Legal Hero.

At Legal Hero we’re changing the way clients engage with lawyers. We believe that clients can have it all: fantastic lawyers, enabled by technology, at fixed prices they can see before they ever hire the lawyer. Small business owners have enough challenges to deal with, and finding a great lawyer for a fair price shouldn’t be one of them.

We’re passionate about changing the practice of law and would love your thoughts. Don’t hesitate to email, or message us if you’d like to connect.

The Team

Annie Webber

Annie Webber

Co-Founder & CEO
Favorite Hero: Ironman
Superpower: Cooking for 50

Annie Webber started Legal Hero to make getting legal help simple. Most recently, she worked as an attorney in mergers and acquisitions at Ropes & Gray in Boston. She received an AB in Government from Harvard College, a JD from Harvard Law School, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Anthony Erlinger

Anthony Erlinger

Co-Founder, Director of Engineering
Favorite Hero: Richard Feynman
Superpower: Navigating rush hour in Manhattan

Anthony joined Legal Hero from Handy, where he was the Director of Data Science. Prior to Handy he was the CTO of a small gaming startup called AnyoneGame. Anthony received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia and his undergraduate degree from UCLA.

Daniel Devoe

Dan Devoe

Co-Founder, Director of Marketing
Favorite Hero: Willy Wonka
Superpower: Finding four-leaf clovers

Dan joined Legal Hero from an alcohol delivery startup and before that worked as a litigator at Ropes & Gray in Boston. Dan received degrees in Economics and Hospitality Management from UMass-Amherst and his JD from the Boston University School of Law.

Amy Lipner

Amy Lipner

Business Development & Marketing
Favorite Hero: Amelia Earhart
Superpower: Last-minute travel itineraries anywhere in the world.

Amy joined Legal Hero from Axiom and before that was litigating at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston. Amy received a dual degree in English literature and Anthropology from Brandeis University and her JD from Northeastern University School of Law.