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If “content is king,” then, like any other form of royalty, your content may need protection. A copyright is a form of protection provided to creators of content, including articles, books, songs, and website content, and registering that copyright is often a great idea. After registering your copyrights, it is important to make sure that others are not using them without your permission and, if you choose, to license your copyrights so that you benefit when they are used. Whether you need help with copyright registration, copyright licensing, or combating copyright infringement, one of Legal Hero’s experienced copyright lawyers can help you make the most of your intellectual property.

Register a Copyright

Copyright protection covers original content, such as books, articles, songs, and website content. Copyrights are not available for things like facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation. Although it is not required to obtain a copyright, registration provides copyright holders with a number of advantages. After you have registered a copyright, you can license the right to use your work to others and any unauthorized use will be considered copyright infringement.

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Common questions about copyrights

How long does it take to receive a copyright?

Copyright applications can be prepared quickly, but it takes about 8 months for the application to be processed by the Copyright Office.

For how long is a copyright valid?

Copyrights remain in effect for the duration of the author or creator’s life, plus a period of 70 years.

Why are copyrights registered at all, even though registration is not required to benefit from copyright protection?

  • Registration puts the world on notice about your copyright and can bolster your case if your copyright is ever subject to a dispute

  • You cannot bring a lawsuit for copyright infringement in the U.S. if you haven't registered

  • Registration makes it easier to license your work for use by others.

What is copyright licensing?

Licensing arrangements provide sources of revenue to copyright holders while still protecting the work. Whether you need to create a licensing agreement or have one reviewed, an experienced copyright lawyer can help.

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What is copyright infringement?

Registering a copyright is only the first step. You also need to prevent others from using your copyrighted work without your approval. If your copyrighted work is being used without your authorization, a copyright lawyer can help you stop the infringement or ensure that you are properly compensated.

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