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Like the famous quote says, there are only two certainties in life and one of them is taxes. From collecting sales tax, to withholding payroll taxes, to considering the tax consequences of selling a company, taxes are an ever-present part of running a business. Tax can be a complicated area even for experts, so it is not something that you want take on alone. An experienced tax lawyer can help you understand the tax issues facing your company and help you get them right from the start.

When should I talk to a tax lawyer?

Some common situations in which it is a good idea to speak to a tax lawyer include when you are:

  • deciding between a C-corp, S-corp, and LLC (or something else)

  • thinking about changing your corporate structure or state of incorporation

  • buying or selling assets

  • subject to an audit by the IRS or a state department of revenue

  • unsure about your obligations for collecting taxes

Are you facing one the situations listed above or another one related to taxes? If so, tell us more and we will connect you with an experienced tax lawyer.

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