Register a Trademark

Register a Trademark

Legal Hero Price: $900

When you use Legal Hero to register your trademark, you and your lawyer will set up an initial consultation to briefly discuss your company and the trademark you want to register. Your lawyer will then conduct a “knock-out” search of federal trademark databases and an internet search for conflicting trademarks to determine whether your trademark is a good candidate for registration. After you have discussed the search results and decide to proceed, your lawyer will prepare and file an application with the USPTO and monitor the status of your application.

What's Included

  • Consultation
  • "Knock-out" search of federal trademark databases and internet search for conflicting trademarks
  • Preparation and filing of application
  • Monitoring of application status
  • Responding to procedural USPTO Office Actions (official letters from the USPTO)

What's Not Included

  • USPTO filing fees ($225-275/class of product or service)
  • Responding to substantive USPTO Office Actions or third-party oppositions

Additional Information

Not sure if your company name or logo should, or even can be, trademarked? Find out more about trademarks and the benefits of registration on our blog.

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