Single Founder Formation

Single Founder Formation

Legal Hero Price: $900

When you form a business with Legal Hero, you and your lawyer will set up an initial consultation to discuss the best structure for your business. Your lawyer will then prepare and review with you the required formation, organizational, and equity documents for the chosen business structure and jurisdiction. After you have reviewed all of the documents, your lawyer will file the formation documents in the chosen jurisdiction and help you appoint a registered agent and satisfy any publication requirements.

What's Included

  • Consultation
  • Formation documents (e.g. articles of incorporation)
  • Organizational documents (e.g. bylaws, board resolutions)
  • Equity documents (e.g. stock certificates, subscription letters)

What's Not Included

  • Filing fees (depend on state and type of entity, but generally between $100-500)
  • Fee to appoint registered agent (generally between $100-200)
  • Cost of satisfying publication requirements (if applicable) (up to $2,000)

Additional Information

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